Here are some of my favourite health and performance resources. I only put resources on here that I use and love. Check back regularly for additional tools to help improve your health and karate. Enjoy!

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Recommended Reading

Karate Training Equipment & Enhancements

Some of the following are slightly different brands or versions than the ones I currently use. But these general items are my go-to for training, cross-training, stretching, and pain relief. I highly recommend having these in your home gym. Feel free to shop around, and choose versions or brands that fit your budget.

Filming Setup

Want to film yourself while you practise karate in your garage? You should! Seeing your performance on camera can provide valuable feedback on what you’re doing well, as well as areas in which you could improve.

If you’re filming with your smartphone, you can start with a simple tripod and smartphone rig setup. The tripod that I use is lightweight and portable, so you can film anywhere, and the smartphone rig has attachments for optional lights and microphone. Here’s what I use:

For my main filming setup, I use the following:

Precision Nutrition

I received my performance coaching certification through Precision Nutrition, and I can’t sing their praises highly enough. An excellent resource for scientific, well-researched information on nutrition, health, and fitness. Check out their tools and printables.*

*(This content is used under license from Precision Nutrition Inc. and may not be reproduced, transmitted, or otherwise used or reused in any way without the express written permission of the owner. Copyright © 2020 Precision Nutrition Inc. For more information about Precision Nutrition, visit

Train Ugly

An excellent resource on the science of learning, as applied to both education and sports. Founder Trevor Ragan also co-hosts The Learner Lab podcast with Alex Belser. Check them out!