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Here are 10 facts about those deadly ladies:

#1 – They’re all hot.

#2 – They all practise martial arts in heels. And lots of makeup.

#3 – When they do train barefoot, their feet are always in some guy’s face.

#4 – They wear lingerie under their uniforms. If they even wear uniforms.

#5 – They’re strong, powerful, and fast enough to turn men on, but not so strong, powerful, or fast to leave those men feeling threatened.

#6 – They never talk. Ever. All they do is kiai.

#7 – They do a lot of kicking. And it’s always on camera. And it’s usually on compilation video channels run by men.

#8 – They all have OnlyFans accounts. Every single one of them.

#9 – They’re all really intense and serious. (But women aren’t really that funny anyway. Or intelligent.)

And #10 – The best and most flattering way to communicate with them is to slide right into their DMs and ask them if they’re single. Or if they’ll sell you foot pics. Or if they have an OnlyFans.

Do you know of any other absolutely true (never ironic!) facts about black belt martial arts females to add to the list? Feel free to share in the Comments section below!

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