When things get crazy, how do you stay committed to your karate training?

This week has been nuts. Southern British Columbia, where I live, has been going through a natural disaster. From an atmospheric river, to flooding, to mudslides: it’s been a horrible ordeal for so many. I have been incredibly lucky in that my family and home are safe, but it’s nevertheless been very stressful.

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So considering all of that stress (and there’s been more, trust me): how do I find the time or presence of mind to keep practising? In other words, how the hell do I manage to stay consistent with my karate training even when shit hits the fan?

Well, I have a trick.

I came up with this idea at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

Here’s what I did: I made a list of all of the empty hand and weapons katas that I have learned, as well as various techniques and drills that I can practise on my own.

The key? Every item on this list can be practised in under 5 minutes.


I’ve posted this list in various rooms of my house. In my kitchen, in the living room, in my office.

In the middle of cooking, while waiting to flip a pancake, I can practise one item on that list.

In between editing tasks while working on my computer, I can look up at that list on my corkboard, pick one item, and get in a much-needed break.

Because each item is under 5 minutes, I have no problem finding time to do these things. And because the list is posted in a prominent location, I have that constant reminder of activities to practise.

Furthermore, because everything is typed up for me to read, I don’t have to think about it too much. I just find an item and do it. Easy peasy.

With this trick, I can easily incorporate an EXTRA 30+ minutes of karate training in my day. With that list, I can stay focused with my training, I can get much-needed breaks while working at my desk, and I can stave off boredom while waiting to flip that pancake.

I can stay dedicated as a karateka. And all it took was a few minutes of my time to type and print that list.

Where could you hang your list as a reminder to practise? What would work for you?

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