Do you want to improve your mobility so you can kick ass at karate? So you can reduce your chance of injury? So you can improve your neuromuscular control and range of motion, and your ability to generate power?

I thought so. So I’ve been spending the last couple of months creating online courses that will help you do just that.

Check it out.

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New Mobility Courses for Karate

I’ve broken it down into courses that cover SIX parts of your kinetic chain:

  • your feet and ankles
  • your knees
  • your lumbo-pelvic-hip complex
  • your shoulders and thoracic spine
  • your wrists and elbows, and
  • your cervical spine, including your head and neck.

Awesome, right?

I’m super excited about these courses. Click on the thumbnails to check out the details for each course:

Mobility Course Bundle: Best Deal

The above courses are great if you want to focus on just one part of your kinetic chain. But then I realized hey, some people might want to improve their whole-body mobility. So I’m offering a really good deal on a bundle: all SIX courses for HALF the price of what you’d pay if you bought all 6 courses individually.

Here’s the 6-in-1 course bundle deal:

Oh, and your Nutrition Makeover is still available! You can check it out here if you haven’t already:

I’m really excited about these courses. Improving mobility is SO important for martial arts, and one of my top priorities. Feeling good, preventing injury, and recovering quickly will make SUCH a difference to your martial arts journey. And I want to do everything I can to help you perform your very best. 😊

If you have any suggestions for future videos or courses, don’t hesitate to reach out to me on my Contact page. I have many more videos and courses planned. Stay tuned!

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