New to karate? Not sure how to tie your uniform?

Here are step-by-step instructions for tying your karate uniform. I’ve included a video version of these instructions at the end of this article.

(If you need help tying your belt, watch this video. If you prefer the written version with photos, click here.)

To start, pull the pants up to your waist, and tie the drawstrings in a bow.

Next, put on the jacket. Look for a label at the bottom of the jacket. This side of the jacket will end up on top.

Open up the jacket. You will see two strings. Tie these together in a double knot. (Note: you can tie these in a bow, but a bow does come untied quite easily while training. A double knot tends to stay tied longer.)

Next, close the jacket, so that the side with the label is on top.

Look for two strings on the outside of the jacket. Tie these together in a double knot.

Now your uniform is on properly, and you’re ready to put on your belt and start practising karate. That last one being the best part. 🙂

Here’s a video version of these instructions:

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