Strength training and conditioning workouts are so important for your health, and can have a huge impact on your karate performance. But what do you do when you don’t have any equipment? Or your gym is shut down (*cough cough COVID cough*)? Or you’re on vacation? Or you’re staying in a hotel for a tournament, and want to fit in an effective workout?

Exercise anyway!! The key to maintaining and improving your fitness level is consistency. Even body-weight only workouts can have an impact if you practise them on a regular basis. And total-body at-home workouts can be awesome.

As part of my coaching certification, I received a free at-home total-body workout designed by the amazing people at Precision Nutrition. No equipment necessary, although you can always add weights or a filled backpack for extra load. This workout is great. It doesn’t require a lot of space, so it’s portable; you can do this workout at home, at a hotel, in your office at work, in line at the grocery store…. You get the idea. A great workout routine all on its own, or as a supplement to your karate training.

To print this workout, click on the link under Recommended Resources below.

Would you try this workout? What’s your go-to cross-training workout? I’d love to hear your comments and suggestions below!

Recommended Resources

Here’s the printable copy of this workout: 14-Day At-Home Workout Plan.* Within this pdf, just click on the links to see video explanations of these exercises.

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