Being an adult can be a drag sometimes. So many items on that never-ending to do list. And when you’re busy juggling responsibilities and seemingly endless life stressors, your martial arts training can sometimes feel like Just One More Thing on that list.

So what can you do to prevent overwhelm and burnout? How can you keep your karate training fresh and fun, so that you look forward to it, and never miss a practice session?

Hint: the answer is in the question. Keep your karate training fun.

Remember How to Play?

Do you remember playing Tag as a kid? You’d run around with your friends, chasing each other, hearts pumping, muscles burning, laughing and shrieking, being a total goofball? Thing is, you were actually doing something that was good for you: exercising. But did you care about that? Did you care how many calories you burned that session? Or how many steps you took that day? Or how that particular game of Tag would help you achieve your goals of hypertrophy, or weight loss, or any of a number of other self-improvement goals?

No. You didn’t give a crap about any of that. You just did it because it was fun. And because it was fun: it was a no-brainer. No need to check availability on your calendar.

Make Karate Training Fun

If your martial arts training feels like just another thing on your endless to do list, maybe it’s because you are treating it as exactly that: just one more serious thing that has to be scratched off a list of far too many other serious things.

But make those karate sessions FUN? Keep your training light-hearted and playful? You will have far less trouble staying consistent with your martial arts training. Movement is supposed to be pleasurable. Let’s do everything we can to keep it that way.

What are some ways you can add some fun to your karate practice? Do Tag-inspired karate drills with a partner? Perform kata in a lemur onesie? Do your grocery shopping entirely in cat stance? Share some ideas below!

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