Do you want a fun and effective warm-up for karate and kobudo using a bo staff? Check this out:

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The 9 exercises shown in this video are designed to improve your flexibility and mobility. These movements will increase your range of motion, and will also help build your strength and improve your coordination.

These mobility exercises are a form of active stretching, wherein you do the following:

  • Move into the stretch until you reach the first point of tension (where you start to feel the stretch).
  • Hold the stretch for a short period of time (approximately one breath).
  • Move back to the starting point.
  • You will then repeat this movement several times—always moving at a slow and controlled pace—until you are ready to move on to the next exercise.

Here are the 9 mobility exercises shown in this video:

  1. Stick child’s pose
  2. Shin box hang with rotation
  3. Half kneeling rotation
  4. Foot & ankle circles
  5. Stick taps
  6. Vitruvian (wo)man
  7. Human bo & arrow
  8. Active stick raises
  9. Slapshot

These stick mobility exercises can be used anytime, or as a warm-up for your karate and kobudo training. If you’re performing a bo kata at a tournament, you can bang off a few of these exercises at ringside while waiting for your division to start.

Which of these exercises is your favourite? Please comment below!

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