Want to kick ass at karate? Of course you do! If you’re like me, you’ll try anything and everything to get that edge in the ring.

And agility ladder drills have become one of my go-to workouts for getting that edge. Ladder drills are so much fun, and have provided a significant boost to my karate performance.

They’re fun for everyone. Including my cats! 😂

Agility ladder drills are awesome for:

  • cardio and stamina
  • agility and foot quickness
  • coordination and balance
  • enhancing your awareness and control over your feet
  • improving your ability to accelerate, decelerate and change directions quickly
  • enhancing your kata and sparring training

Ladder drills can be used as warm-ups, as complete standalone workouts, or interspersed in short bursts throughout your regular karate training.

And if you’re feeling unmotivated for a full workout on a particular day, a few short rounds of ladder drills throughout your day can really add up. Do a quick drill whenever you have a chance, and you’ll still see the benefits. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing!

Check out this video I made for you. I demonstrate over 20 agility ladder drills to enhance your karate training. Once you’re comfortable with a particular drill, work on speeding it up. See how fast you can go while still maintaining full control over your body. Try it out!

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And feel free to try variations. You can skip squares, perform the drills backwards, perform the drills backwards while skipping squares, or add different kicks and/or punches to the techniques.

And feel free to come up with your own!

***Note: if you don’t have an agility ladder, you can always draw one with chalk. Just like hopscotch! No excuses. 🙂

Which agility ladder drills are your favourites? Can you suggest any drills that I haven’t included in the video? Please share suggestions and ideas for home workouts below!

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