I wasn’t planning on making a “butt walking” video last week. Or ever, really.

I have a long list of videos I want to make for my channel, but oddly enough, the “butt walk” never made that list. Until I discovered this hilarious exercise while scrolling on YouTube.

I knew I had to try it.

My favourite exercises are those that are FUN as well as effective, and this one doesn’t disappoint. Check this out:

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This simple exercise is a killer for your core, in particular your obliques, quadratus lumborum, and glutes. (And yes, your glutes are actually part of your core!) And these are the muscles that will really help you put some power in your karate techniques. Stronger core = stronger kicks and punches.

So give this exercise a try! It’s simple. You sit on the floor with your legs straight out in front of you, hands in front of your torso, and you walk across the floor on your behind. Try to keep good posture in your torso, and try not to use your heels to push off the floor. Practise this both forwards as well as backwards.

For more of a challenge, you can add weight. Hold a medicine ball or kettlebell in front of you as you walk, or hold your arms above your head to give your upper body a workout as well. You can simply hold your arms straight up, or hold onto your karate belt as I am in this video, or hold onto a dowel or your bo! With extra weight or your arms above your head, the butt walk exercise quickly turns into a total body burner.

Try it! By the end of this, I guarantee your muscles will be burning. And you might even laugh your ass off…  as you work your ass off.

What are your favourite exercises for your core and glutes?

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