Next time you compete at a karate tournament, bring a foam roller.

Myofascial rolling has been shown to help prolong the effects of a warm-up. So you can do your warm-up prior to competing, and even if you have to sit around and wait and wait and wait for your division to start, using a foam roller on your muscles at regular intervals can help you sustain that level of flexibility that you achieved during your warm-up.

Studies have shown that foam-rolling at 10-minute intervals for even just 30 seconds at a time can help keep those muscles warmed up for up to 30 minutes after your warm-up. (See article.) Other studies have shown that foam rolling in between bouts of exercise can help you maintain performance parameters. (See article.) So using a foam roller can help keep your muscles warmed up in between matches or divisions.

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So next time you’re at a karate competition—or even a belt test—bring a foam roller and do some myofascial rolling throughout the day so you can stay mobile while you’re waiting for the action to start.

How do you stay limber at karate tournaments and belt tests? Share your experiences below!

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