My dad got killed when I was 10, and I started having this recurring nightmare.

I was walking in the woods with my family. There was this hole in the ground, and I didn’t see it. I fell in, all the way down. The sides were packed dirt, too steep to climb. I screamed and screamed, but no one heard me. In my mind I could still see my family. They were walking away, chatting, enjoying the walk. They didn’t hear me. They didn’t stop. They didn’t come back for me. No one was going to help me. I was all alone, and I was terrified.

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All I wanted was for someone to see me. To stop, reach down, and hold out their hand.

For them, reaching down and helping me, would be such a small thing. But for me, it would mean everything. It would save my life.

This war in Ukraine: 1.5 million kids have fled and become refugees. 1.5 million children… and counting… feel lost, and alone, and terrified.

That terror I felt in my dream, that was just a dream. I woke up. But this… this is real life. These children are feeling scared, and lost, and this is real.

And we can help them. We can help.

Stopping, seeing them, reaching out a hand… it would be such a small thing for us. But it could mean everything to these children. It could save their lives.

Please consider donating to Unicef. These donations will ensure that there is immediate help for these displaced children and their families. Your support will help give these children access to health, hygiene and emergency education supplies, safe water, and psychosocial care. I donated what I could, and honestly, it felt like such a small thing to me. But to them, to all of these children, it won’t seem so small. All of our hands reaching out together, together we could save them.

Thank you for reading. If you can, please donate here. And if you are a content creator and want to join this initiative, click here for more information.

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