The other day I brushed my mom’s teeth for her for the first time in my life. She’s dying of two cancers right now. Dying in hospice.

Four weeks ago she ended up in emerg, had to get two emergency surgeries, was in ICU with what seemed like 20 tubes coming out of her, and has been in hospital and hospice ever since.

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I sat with her the other day and held her hand and said, “Hey Mom. People in British Columbia are whining about having to wear masks again.”

And she and I just looked at each other.

And then we looked down at her weak, cancer-ridden body; at her skinny arms and legs; at the heavy blankets covering her catheter and leaking g-tube.

She will never go home again. She will never walk again. She will never sit up again.

She would give anything to have her health back. She would give anything to have that chance at a normal life. To go home. She’d give anything.

If she could have gotten a shot that would have prevented going into hospital, that would have prevented all of this unnecessary suffering, she would have taken it in a heartbeat.

And you, anti-vaxxers: you’ve been offered that. And you just say, “Fuck you. Fuck you! I don’t want it. You can’t control me!”

You, anti-vaxxers, need to rethink your priorities, because there are far worse things than a piece of cloth on your face and two small needles.

I realize this is a karate blog, but I needed to say this. Please: get vaccinated against COVID-19. Before it’s too late.

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