I have worked incredibly hard these past several months. I took a Precision Nutrition coaching course, and became certified as a performance coach. I took writing and digital marketing courses. I learned how to build a website, create a blog, and set up a low budget film studio in my basement. I learned how to start an online venture, with no previous experience, and no idea what the hell I’m doing.

I have spent every spare minute planning and researching and working at it, and today I am finally going live. And yet, despite all of my care and hard work, I have had countless moments of hesitation. Can I do this? Am I doing this right? Am I actually ready to take this step?

I don’t feel ready. Not one bit. But… I’m doing it anyway.

What once seemed insignificant, overwhelming and impossible, will become real, lasting, powerful change.

You just need to take one small step at a time.

Here’s a video on the illusion of readiness. If you prefer, you can read the script below.

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Video Script

You will never feel ready… to take that difficult step. To pursue that goal. To make that meaningful change in your life.

You never feel ready, so you don’t start.

When the task is a formidable one, a challenging one, a meaningful one, you will always feel like a beginner. Afraid to put yourself out there. Afraid to look stupid. Afraid to make mistakes. And afraid to fail.

I didn’t feel ready, doing this. Going online. Putting myself out there.

I felt like an imposter. Totally unprepared.

And yet… I had a plan. I had it all mapped out.

I have education, and experience, and skills, and passion. But I’d never done anything like this before. I was a beginner. I was out of my comfort zone. And I did not feel ready.

I almost gave up, because of that fear. I almost let that completely derail me.

Even if I had more experience, even if I could have guaranteed success before I even started, I wouldn’t have felt ready.

I will never feel ready.

You, YOU, will never feel ready.

Not if the task is challenging enough, or worthwhile enough.

If it scares you, challenges you, and improves you, you will never, ever, feel ready.

So accept it. Let go of that illusion of readiness. It will never come. Even if you are advanced, even if you have all of the skills, you will never feel ready. So let that go.

Instead: see that uncertainty as a gift. A sign that you are making a huge change in your life. A sign that you are taking a risk. Moving out of your comfort zone. Doing something difficult, and worthwhile. A sign that you are seeking greatness.

Learn to live with that discomfort. And take action. One step at a time. And over time, a certain momentum will build. And your confidence will build. And those effects will accumulate. And what once seemed insignificant, and overwhelming, and impossible, will become real, lasting, powerful change.

You can do this.

You don’t feel ready. You WON’T feel ready. You will NEVER feel ready.

But the truth? You don’t NEED to.

Do you have a big, scary goal you want to pursue? What is one small step you can take today to work towards that goal?

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