British Columbia is currently under a state of emergency due to unprecedented wildfires. This has quickly become the worst wildfire season in the history of our province. Many people have lost their homes, the air quality is horrific, and citizens are existing in a limbo of fear and uncertainty.

My heart goes out to all those affected by the wildfires, and all those who have lost or are at risk of losing homes and/or loved ones. The situation is truly terrible, and I find myself holding my breath while frequently checking for news updates online.

Crises such as the BC wildfires, the BC floods, and the enduring COVID-19 pandemic all serve as a potent reminder of what we value. When fear and uncertainty prevail, what truly matters to us gets pared down to the basics—food, water, shelter, safety, security, loved ones, etc. All the superficial comforts and mindless striving suddenly seem trivial to us when our very world is on fire.

But then when the crises are over, we often lose sight of those important realizations we gained. We fall back into a mindless routine, often sacrificing that which truly matters for the pursuit of ultimately pointless trivialities that bring us societal approval but no real satisfaction or meaning.

How can we maintain that clarity we gain during a crisis? What can we do to remember what truly matters so that we can change our lives for the better, and live in accordance with our deeper values?

Watch my latest video in which I discuss this topical issue.

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How do YOU maintain clarity on what you truly value? I’d love to hear your suggestions in the Comments section below.

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