Picture this scenario:  You’re a brown belt in karate. Your Sensei is giving out invitations to the upcoming black belt test. When you go to look for your name on those envelopes, your name… isn’t… there.

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You’ve been training your butt off. You’ve been showing up at the dojo regularly. Religiously, even. You’ve been a brown belt for a long freaking time.

What gives? Why didn’t your Sensei invite you to the test?

Does this mean you suck at karate?

Well, maybe.

But I’m going to offer another perspective.

Your Sensei’s expectations and standards are higher than yours. And your Sensei knows that you can do better. A lot better.

This is actually an awesome way to think, and it can free you from getting caught up in all that “I’m not good enough because my belt isn’t black” crap.

Your Sensei knows that no matter how good you are now, you can do so much better. You have so much more potential than even you realize. And your Sensei is waiting for you to show that potential.

So here’s your chance. Instead of wallowing over not getting that invitation, instead of seeing this as a failure and a sign that you suck, use this as an opportunity to get off your ass and up the ante.

Someone out there believes in you.

Someone out there knows that even though you feel like you’re pushing hard, you can push even harder.

Someone out there is not satisfied with your perceived limitations.

Someone out there has your back.

And that someone will give you that black belt test invitation when you’re damn well ready.

Your job now is to make sure you are.

What’s some advice you can give to someone who’s anxious to get their black belt in martial arts? Please comment below!

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