I had my camera set up, batteries charged, two videos planned, and all I had to do was press record. But I couldn’t do it. I had hit the wall. I had burnt out.

For awhile before this, I had been thinking about taking a break. But this scared me. All of my progress up until that point stemmed from consistent effort, and taking time off felt like failure to me. So I hesitated and kept pushing through, hoping I’d get my excitement and drive back.

But I didn’t. And instead my symptoms of burnout got worse and worse until I felt physically ill as well as exhausted. And then, one day, my body finally said: enough.

Listen to my burnout story here. You can watch the video version on YouTube, or listen to the audio version below. Thanks for listening!

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Have you ever experienced burnout? What did you do to get through it? Feel free to share your experiences in the Comments section below.

Podcast Show Notes

Creator burnout is real, and it’s pervasive. Join me in a discussion of YouTube burnout, and of the lessons I’ve learned from my own recent experience of burnout as a content creator.

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